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Welcome to the Home Page for the Town of Chesterfield, NH.

The town of Chesterfield is located along the Connecticut River in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire. The river creates a natural boundary between New Hampshire and Vermont and flows south ten miles to the Massachusetts state line. Chesterfield is located 65 miles from Concord, the state capital. It is a rural community, which is located between the regionís two largest commercial centers, Keene, NH, and Brattleboro, VT. Route 9, which connects the two cities, bisects the town.  See community profile.

News, Notices & Upcoming Events

The Board of Selectmen are looking for volunteers to serve on the Town Hall Annex Committee.  Duties of this committee will be to look into options for the future of the Town Hall Annex.  If interested, please contact Pat Grace at the Selectmen's Office (603) 363-4624 ext 10.

Town Meeting ballot results can be viewed by clicking here.

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Employment Opportunities

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Links to other sites

Chesterfield School

SAU 29 - School Board minutes and meeting schedule

Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act Information

Chesterfield Library

Conservation Commission

State of New Hampshire

Community Profile

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Other Information/Departments

Office of Emergency Management

Parks & Recreation

Police Department Outreach

Transfer Station



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